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// About Us

Nova Nouvelle is an event style studio specializing in the creation of novel décor concepts. Whether it’s an elegant luncheon, intimate celebration, trendy launch or stylish social gathering, we value ourselves in producing remarkable settings that leave lasting impressions.

With Nova Nouvelle, you can relish in the personally-tailored service we offer to our clients. When you or your company decide to make us part of your journey, you will be accompanied by our professional, experienced and talented team, who will ensure that every event galvanizes a memorable experience for you and all in attendance.

About Nova Nouvelle

// Name Origin

The name consists of 2 words: Nova Nouvelle. Each have individual meaning which have metaphorical relationships with “events” in relation to the services provided by the company and its industry. The two words as stated together also aims to portray the ideals of the company when delivering event styling services: producing a bright and wonderful explosion of styling concepts (Nova), only occurring for a brief duration (Nova), while promising something new, trendy and fashionable (Nouveau).

The word “Nouveau” was transformed and used as the singular, feminine form of the French word with the same spelling, which is: “Nouvelle”. This form of the word relates to Marlene’s starting point as a business owner: a woman climbing into the business world as the sole director of her company and dream.